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About our Factories

To supply products with Japanese Standards,
Novelty Inc. choose and control all the factories according our strict standards.


Check that factories have necessary production facilities.
Check operation results and production capacity of facilities.
Check that workers are experienced and qualified with their occupation.


Quality Control

Check that factories can understand Japanese Quality Control Standards and associated results.
Check that factories can work according to our Quality Instructions for each item.
Check work quality of Inspection Staffs.
Our Inspection Staffs go to factories and check quality before shipment.


Production Control


Create a production schedule for each item.
Confirm preparations for materials before mess production.
Produce according to production schedule in mess production, inspect whole process and make adjustments when necessary.


To be thorough in sanitation check and 3S (seiri,seiton,seiso).
Check and guide the sanitation in production line, warehouse and office area.